We at Bahalo want to make the biggest possible impact on the environment and local people. Our value ethos is therefore the heart of our brand. We would like to inspire you with this blog post with some great organisations from Bali that have been doing good for many years. Get inspired and take action yourself.



1.Bye Bye Plastic Bags

Melati Wijsen and her sister started Bye Bye Plastic Bag when they were still small. A lot has happened since then. In her fight against plastic bags, she is a recognized activist who raises awareness all over the world. Here in Bali, she has achieved amazing things. If you are in Seseh, be sure to stop by the One Island One Voice center.




2.Sungai Watch

Sungai Watch is THE environmental organization in Bali to stop plastic from going into the ocean.. They design simple trash barriers and operate a collection, sorting and up-cycling system, to fight the local plastic pollution. Especially on the way to Ubud you will see these helpful barriers in rivers. They also organize education sessions and campaigns to engage communities and encourage better waste management.




3.Honest Ocean 

The idea of the founders is simple: change the flow of ocean plastic waste in South East Asia. Especially in Indonesia the infrastructure is very poor to combat the overflowing plastic pollution. Honest Ocean created a closed loop of 360 plastic supply chain, turning plastic waste into a commodity, whilst also educating and empowering local communities to help in the fight against ocean plastic waste. 




4.Bali Life Foundation 

The Bali Life Foundation has been providing basic needs to under-privileged children and families, education and more since over 15 years. Their dedication and passion made a huge impact on the local population and they never stopped. For Bahalo they are one core element and family. We cooperate therefore with one of their projects: the BaliLife Kids Centre & Woman Workshop who help to stop children from begging on the streets by empowering the children and their parents through education and work opportunities. Every day a woman can work is a day her children don’t have to go beg on the streets. These women are creating with unbelievable dedication every single Bahalo piece FOR YOU! Learn more here: https://www.balilife.org/street-centre-womens-workshop/ 




Help4Penida is not only part of the Bali Life Foundation but was established by our founder Melanie with her long term friend Komang in July 2020 when Covid hit the island. Until then they delivered almost every month essential food supplies for the villagers in Desa Adat Penutuk – Komang's home village in the mountain area of Nusa Penida. That means until now: 4540kg rice, 9640 packs of noodles, 588l oil to cook and more to come. Help4Penida is committed to helping people who are still conquering the challenge of the hard island itself, Covid-19 & to give especially the youngest opportunities for a better future!



Note: credits of all pictures belong to the individual IG accounts of the restaurants.

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