Our paradise island Bali is struggling with an enormous plastic problem just like the rest of Indonesia and basically the rest of the world.

And yet this raw material is actually so reusable! Therefore it was clear to us that we wanted to find a solution to bring this raw material back to life in new products. Together with norm:al living our products are 100% made from recycled plastic in the small workshop of the founder Ganesha and his incredible team. If you wanna learn more how a recycled plastic product is made check out their team here: norm:al living

The plastic comes directly from the ocean or from the adjacent rivers and is collected, cleaned, shredded and recycled through the great work of Honest Ocean, who are dedicated to establish as many sustainable recycling systems in Indonesia and Asia as possible. If you want learn more why it makes a difference to have the right recycling system check out their story here: honest ocean



Another problem we are facing especially in Indonesia is the fast fashion industry. Billions of goods are produced for a minimum price each second and are thrown away the next.

We are happy to cooperate with Pable Living who found a way of using textile and plastic waste to woven into new fabrics. The process of making manual woven fabrics is composed of 2 yarn patterns, warp thread and weft thread. Weft is the thread that is inserted across the warp threads when weaving the fabrics. The weft threads are moved by hand in manual weaving or by machine, and inserted between the warp threads. The weft is usually rolled and then the roll is moved between the weft which can be raised and lowered. It is made from 100% cotton. The cotton material comes from untreated cotton plants so we reprocess it and spin it back into yarn.

Using 1S size yarn, with a thread character that has thick fiber so that the fabric texture looks more rustic. Suitable for use as a material for home & living products and outer wear. By sorting the re-used yarn this process is also saving freshwater due to no dyeing process. If you want learn more check out Pable Living here: https://pableliving.com 

Although this material is strong and incredible in general, please keep in mind that this is a recycled product and therefore has to be treaten with extra love.

For the sake of the environment we manufacture our collection also only on request. Therefore the delivery time of our products is up to two weeks. Are you in a hurry? Then just write us and we find a solution.



What would be a sustainable impact if we didn't also care about those who produce it? What often gets lost in the current sustainable discussion are the conditions for the people behind it. That's why it was clear to us that we didn't just want to find a team that reflects our values and ideas, but above all partners with whom we could build something in the long term and who would benefit from us as much as we would from their passionated work.

That’s why we teamed up with the BaliLife Kids Centre & Woman Workshop who help to stop children from begging on the streets by empowering the children and their parents through education and work opportunities. The Bali Life Women’s Workshop is a place the women can come and make handicrafts and in turn the mothers are paid a wage. Every day a woman can work is a day her children don’t have to go beg on the streets. If you want to know more or donate to the centre check it out here: https://www.balilife.org/street-centre-womens-workshop/ 

These woman are creating with unbelievable dedication every single Bahalo piece and that although they don't have a professional background. Therefore slight differences may occur during the making process. Each of our product is handmade with a lot of love and each time uniquely created. We don’t support fast industrial goods, but stand for valuable handicraft.


We see ourselves as one team, one family with one goal!

We also make sure our shipping packaging meets the highest sustainability standards. We challenge our processes to get better every day. we're not perfect, but we're honest, transparent and always open to feedback! So feel free to write us your ideas and comments here so we can create even better products for you!

 your bahalo family