Since my first visit to Indonesia in 2014 I immediately fell in love with the country and the people. Every year I got enriched by an experience, an adventure, an unforgettable moment in this beautiful country and especially in Bali.

When I moved to this paradise island in early 2020, everything looked very different due to the worldwide crisis situation.  

People were suffering, nobody knew how to continue, the world was at a standstill. One thing became clearer to me than in all the years before. We must value and protect our so called “Mama Bali” - our refuge that gives us nature, life, knowledge, beauty, food - even more.





In 2021 the idea for Bahalo was born - at that time purely focused on hair accessories, as the daily combination of sun & sea demanded everything from my long mane. I have been using brushes with wooden pins for 15 years now and have a strict routine to take care of my hair under all circumstances.

How great would it therefore be to pass on this knowledge and at the same time do something for the environment and help the people here???

Well, and then I became a business owner and believe me I had to learn the hard way that sometimes not everything goes so fast and you need a lot of patience. Especially when it comes to the combination of sustainability and effectiveness in product creation. Many months of product development, testing and searching for the right people went by….




But in the meantime came more ideas, more connections, more great people with the same goal - to leave something with impact in this world. And now we have a product portfolio together that brings the unique Bali vibe home to you. Because only for YOU, I do - we do that all for!


Bahalo - that is every single one of you!

I am happy that you are joining us on this wonderful journey!

Let’s create an impact together!

your bahalo family